Cancelations, Returns and Refunds Policy

At George Chebib Designs, we take extreme pride in our products. Each and every piece is lovingly designed and manufactured with the utmost care and workmanship. Before being dispatched to its new forever home with you, each piece undergoes strict quality control processes to ensure quality and utility.

Change of mind

While George Chebib Designs Pty Ltd is bound by the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act) and will process returns and refunds with reference to that Act, we do not process returns or refunds if you change your mind or make a wrong selection. So always be mindful of this when choosing a piece or making a purchase from us as once your order is confirmed by email, it can no longer be cancelled.


It is your responsibility to ensure that there is reasonable access to the delivery address provided in order to allow the goods to be delivered. As some of our pieces are quite large and heavy, it is recommended that you check the dimensions of the piece in advance of purchase to ensure that the delivery address is capable of accepting delivery. If the piece is unable to be delivered due to access issues, George Chebib Designs does not take any responsibility for the piece and will not accept a return of the piece.

Upon delivery of a piece to you, you will be required to inspect the piece and any visible damage to the piece needs to be identified to the delivery driver at time of delivery. If the piece is received in packaging, and any damage is noted upon opening the packaging, this needs to be reported within 24 hours of delivery of the piece to our customer support team, along with photographs of the damage, at If George Chebib Designs is not notified within the required 24 hours of delivery, we cannot and will not accept any responsibility for the damage.

Refunds and Returns

Our pieces do come with certain warrantees that are statutorily imposed by Schedule 2 of the Act, which is known as the Australian Consumer Law (the ACL). In accordance with the ACL, George Chebib Designs may be obliged to provide you with a replacement or refund for a major failure of a piece. For the purposes of this policy, and for the sake of clarity, the test for what constitutes a major failure of goods under the ACL is when:

 a reasonable consumer would not have bought the goods if they had known about the problem. For example, no reasonable consumer would buy a washing machine if they knew the motor was going to burn out after three months
 the goods are significantly different from the description, sample or demonstration model shown to the consumer. For example, a consumer orders a red bicycle from a catalogue, but the bicycle delivered is green
 the goods are substantially unfit for their normal purpose and cannot easily be made fit, within a reasonable time. For example, a ski jacket is not waterproof because it is made from the wrong material
 the goods are substantially unfit for a purpose that the consumer told the supplier about, and cannot easily be made fit within a reasonable time. For example, a car is not powerful enough to tow the consumer’s boat because its engine is too small—despite the consumer telling the supplier they needed the car to tow a boat
 the goods are unsafe. For example, an electric blanket has faulty wiring

Also in accordance with the ACL, George Chebib Designs may be obliged to repair or replace a piece if the piece fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. For the purposes of this policy, and for the sake of clarity, the test for acceptable quality under the ACL is that goods are of acceptable quality when a reasonable consumer, fully aware of the goods’ condition (including any defects) would find them:

 fit for all the purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied—for example, a toaster must be able to toast bread
 acceptable in appearance and finish—for example, a new toaster should be free from scratches
 free from defects—for example, the toaster’s timer knob should not fall off when used soon after it was purchased
 safe—for example, sparks should not fly out of the toaster
 durable—for example, the toaster must function for a reasonable time after purchase, without breaking down.

The acceptable quality test also takes into account:

 the nature of the goods—for example, a major appliance such as a fridge is expected to last longer than a toaster
 the price paid—for example, a cheap toaster is not expected to last as long as a top-of-the range one
 any statements about the goods on any packaging or label on the goods—for example, the toaster box shows a special defroster function
 any representations made about the goods by the manufacturer or supplier—for example, the supplier said the crumb tray was easy to detach and clean
 any other relevant circumstances relating to supply of the goods.

Additional Warranties

Some of the pieces you purchase from George Chebib Designs may come with warranties in addition to the other rights and remedies available to you under the ACL. Any additional warranties will be offered having regard to the nature, design and features of the piece to which an additional warranty may apply.

Excluded from Warranties

The warranty imposed by the ACL does not apply in instances where:

 the surface details of a marble piece vary from any imagery and display models seen by you. Where natural materials are used in the manufacturing process or are handmade, variations will occur from piece to piece and such variations as a result of the nature of the goods are not considered defects.
 defects or damage resulting from negligence, abuse, misuse or Extreme Use including but not limited to: inadequate or improper maintenance, exposure to water, direct sunlight, salt air, chemicals, accidents, any use for which the product was not designed nor does it cover ordinary wear-and-tear;
 the fabric upholstery (unless the terms of sale expressly say so);
 any failure by you to follow Care Instructions provided to you by George Chebib Designs;
 if a product is relocated from its original delivery location and the relocation caused damage due to improper packaging and transporting;
 any work or installation carried out on the piece by a third party

Manufacturer’s Warranties
If your piece comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, George Chebib Designs will advise you of its details.
How to claim on a warranty
Should a defect or imperfection appear on the piece which you believe satisfies the ACL tests outlined above, stop using the piece immediately. To make a claim under this warranty you must, before the warranty period expires:

Contact our customer support team at and provide proof of purchase, details of what you consider the defect to be, the circumstances in which the defect appeared, photographs of the defect and all other relevant communications in respect of the warranty claim or goods.
We will then arrange to inspect the piece and determine whether the item is defective and if, acting reasonably, we agree the item is defective and the warranty responds, we will provide the remedies identified in the ACL.