The spaces we inhabit can change how we feel. A single piece of furniture becomes the centrepiece of a room and the space is rejuvenated and transformed. A classic dining table becomes an inviting place for families to gather. A boldly designed sofa becomes a pocket of glamour where a couple can relax. Lead by an engineer and designer; George Chebib is focused on transforming spaces to suit the varying lifestyles of our customers. Every piece we design and produce is created with functionality and originality at the forefront.

George has transformed commercial spaces for over 20 years; combining the brand identity with functionality whilst also maximising a bold creative impact. Many projects require completely original furniture pieces which George designs and produces. With a passion for design, intention, and creativity; George has launched his furniture brand - George Chebib. We want our customers to have spaces that are a haven, an escape from the mundane. Spaces that are energising and life-affirming; that are purposeful and useful.