George Chebib’s 12 Days of Xmas style advice is here!

Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate. After the 2021 we’ve all been through, you and your guests deserve to unwind in style. We’ve put together George Chebib’s 12 Days of Xmas style advice to keep your ladies dancing and your lords a-leaping! You can also sing it, if that’s your thing.
Day 1 
On the first day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Use lighting to build intimacy’.
Harsh lighting is the enemy of elegance. Using pools of light to create intimate vignettes in your home is a subtle way to delineate spaces whilst softening borders. The Hera floor lamp in gold is our go-to choice.
Day 2 
On the second day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Balance twin loves’.
You can harmonise the mise-en-scene of your home by using ‘twins’ - matching pieces of furniture. Two small tables, like the Fidou side tables, on either side of a large artwork, sofa or sideboard, are a simple way to achieve this.
Day 3
On the third day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ’Refocus your lens’.
It’s been a long year and you’re looking forward to welcoming guests into your home. But imagine seeing your home through the lens of their experience. Is it a warm, welcoming arrival? Or is it cool and airy? Remember, what you feel and what they experience are not necessarily the same thing.
Day 4
On the fourth day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Don’t follow herds’.
Your home is your home. Considering it from another perspective (see Day 3!) is important. But ultimately? It’s your call about what most feels like you. That’s the wonderful thing about interior design; it’s an expression of your individuality. So never follow the herd, it defeats the purpose of living luxuriously.
Day 5 
On the fifth day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Make - room - for - things’.
It’s possible to over-engineer a space. Your home still needs to function as a place to live and laugh and love, it’s not a showroom (no matter how tasteful!). There’s going to be extra people, extra food and extra presents. Make sure there’s room for people to enjoy the celebrations.
Day 6 
On the sixth day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘No carpets a-laying’.
We love a new carpet. A new rug, wallpaper, fixtures - we’re mad for it. But have you ever tried getting a tradie in the weeks before Xmas? It’s not happening. Save yourself the stress and do any big structural work, like new carpets, wallpaper or renovations, well in advance. We want you to enjoy your Xmas season, not worry yourself rushing to finish things.
Day 7
On the seventh day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Lots of Xmas swimming’.
Is it just us, or do most Xmas movies clearly favour the northern hemisphere? It’s always snow and scarves, not sunshine and surf. We say Xmas in Australia is a unique experience and we don’t have to do what the rest of the world is doing. A swim on a hot Xmas day is ideal. Relaxing on a Boona sun lounger afterwards? Heaven, mate.
Day 8
On the eighth day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Cotton, linen and silk’s in’.
Natural luxury is the cornerstone of everything achieved by the design team at Klemenza. George Chebib and Klemenza are collaborating, so we got to see their stunning collection of natural fabric throws and rugs for ourselves. They’re a great way to enliven and energise pre-existing furniture.
Day 9
On the ninth day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Don’t forget the dancing’.
We heard Christmas Carols in October. Seriously. October. Christmas music has a well-earned reputation for being dreadful. But good music plays an important role in the multi-sensory experience of your interior. If you’ve got a visually stunning space but you could hear a pin drop, your guests won’t feel comfortable. Choose music that suits the atmosphere you’re seeking to create. Also, crank the Mariah. Even if it’s just once - it’s a sacred tradition.
Day 10 
On the tenth day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Platters are for heaping’.
Design doesn’t stop at the dinner table. A festive grazing platter is the ideal accompaniment for casual drinks, or as a precursor to a main meal. Our trick? Abundance. Be abundant with your platters, heaping them with good bread, good cheese, good olives - you get the idea. Served on the Ether Dining Table for the perfect finish.
Day 11 
On the eleventh day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘No mealtime typing’.
Opportunities to get together are getting rarer and rarer. They are times to treasure. They are not times to be on our phones. We love our tech, but if you’re coming over for cocktails and chit-chat, keep the screens unseen and join in some luxurious living.
Day 12
On the twelfth day of Christmas, George Chebib said to me, ‘Good times are coming’.
Yes, it’s been a long year (or two). Yes, we have all missed each other. But the good times are coming. So we’re going to continue doing what we do best: gathering around tables, reclining on sofa’s, talking, laughing and loving life. We hope you’ll join us.
We’ve checked with Santa. Our 12 Days rhymes perfectly with the usual 12 Days. So, altogether now:
In the 12 Days of Xmas, George Chebib said to me:
Good times are coming
No mealtime typing
Platters are for heaping
Don’t forget the dancing
Cotton, linen and silk’s in
Lots of Xmas swimming
No carpets a-laying
Make - room - for - things
Don’t follow herds
Refocus your lens
Balance twin loves
And use lighting to build intimacy
Have a wonderful and stylish festive season!
Merry Christmas from all of us at George Chebib.